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I'm Not Giving Up on Peace Today

Jody Pignolet

I'm not giving up on peace today 

I have been inspired lately imagining what we would be without war 

Imagining what we could do with our energy if we weren't spending it on opposition I want to blame the others 

That's certainly divisive 

But it takes two to tango and both sides must contribute 

It is 2020, I know peace is possible 

We're simply lacking in imagination if we think it is not 

We have smart phones, space stations and robots 

Don't tell me it's impossible 

I don't believe that nonsense 

Peace is always possible for those who want it 

I'm not giving up on peace today 

You're either working towards it or preparing for war 

You can't do both 

I'm just as guilty as the next guy 

I'm just as capable of pointing the finger 

It's what we know 

And we should know it, we've been dancing this step for millennia 

We're accomplished at participating in conflict 

We're adept at creating and fostering separation 

Most of us can do it in our sleep 

Awareness is the first step 

To break out of the old pattern requires consciousness 

To believe in a third option requires inspiration 

And it can start with just two 

I'm not giving up on peace today 

I reject the conclusion that it's too late 

I believe peace is who we are at our cores 

That it is preset in everyone 

Even in those who look like the enemy 

They love their mama, they pet their dog this morning 

They want something and fear losing it 

Chances are, at the core, it is the same thing as you 

Don't tell me it's hopeless 

Even when it appears that way 

Today I'm going to keep on believing 

Perhaps it can start with just one 

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