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POSTPONED 1:1 Red/Blue Conversations

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

A Braver Angels Initiative

We had scheduled a “One on One Conversations” training with the Braver Angels program for Saturday, Dec.12. We have decided to cancel that training at this time as there were not enough people who expressed interest. We understand this is a busy time before the Holidays, and possibly an unsettled time politically—between presidents.

We will re-visit the idea of providing more Braver Angels workshops in the coming year. We suggest that if you are interested—or just curious –visit their website at to see the different kinds of experiences they offer. For example there is one called, “With Malice Toward None – Coming Together After the Election.” Perhaps you can help us decide what kind of training would be most helpful to those who want to help bring our community closer together. We welcome your feedback!!

Almost 30 people participated in our first Braver Angels Bridging the Divide Skills training. These skills have already gone a long way in improving our conversations about difficult topics in all of our relationships and we hope that this will spill over into our community to create more unity - bridges instead of wedges!

We are excited to announce our next workshop on Sat, December 12th 10am - 12 pm, to

actually practice these skills in 1:1 Red/Blue conversations.  Please look below for more

information. At this point we are open to what topics of discussion you might be most

interested in, so please do let us know.

This is a paired conversation workshop so, we will need equal Reds and Blues. Please let us

know right away if you are interested in participating in this! As we will need a balance

between “Reds” (conservative leaning) and “Blues” (progressive leaning) we may need to

recruit some new participants in order to come out even!

Please RSVP to either Gabrielle ( or Brenda

(, or the BCHRTF email,

We are looking forward to the opportunity to actually practice conversations with those with

whom we don’t agree! Remember, our purpose is to gain understanding, and NOT to change

anyone’s mind!!

1:1 Red/Blue Conversation

A Braver Angels Initiative

The Goal:  to help Americans better understand one another in today’s polarized political


The Basic Idea:  Someone leaning conservative (“red”) is paired with someone leaning liberal(“blue”) for two structured, online or in person conversations aimed at better understanding each other beyond stereotypes and discovering any common ground that might be present. 


( You will need to become a

member of Braver Angels to do this, which you can do online for a donation you choose. It

can be as little as $12 a year.

Braver Angels 1:1 Red/Blue Conversation, Sat Dec 12th 10am-12pm

This training will all be done via Zoom due to COVID restrictions.

This event is for you if:

  • You are troubled by the rancor in our country today.

  • You welcome a chance to explain your views to someone on the other side who will

  • listen respectfully.

  • You are open to listening respectfully and maybe even learning something from someone who differs from you politically.

  • You are willing to follow a structure for the conversations aimed at making them as productive as possible. 

You have access to a computer and webcam.

The Specifics

When you register, you will be paired with a conversation partner if one is available and

schedule your first conversation.

The two conversations are about 60 minutes each.

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