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Grant Cycle Opens

Guidelines for Grant Submission

  • Familiarize yourself with the mission and goals of the Task Force and determine that your project is in harmony with them. Exploring the website should help you make that decision.

  • If you feel that your proposed activity or program aligns with the BCHRTF goals, be sure that you represent a 501 (c 3 organization, a governmental entity, school or library. If you do not, but you feel your idea would serve an important human rights need or purpose, see if there is an eligible entity that would serve as your sponsor.

  • Read the guidelines carefully. Projects ineligible for funding are those that benefit a private individual, are to cover routine operating expenses or benefits, fundraising projects, political activities, are intended to further a particular religion, or grants to individuals.

  • Preferred projects reach a broad segment of the community or school population, closely align with the BCHRTF mission and goals, address an urgent or ongoing community need, are sustainable, and for which there are matching funds.

  • Prepare a proposed budget for your project—the amount of funds needed, and how specifically they will be spent. Include and indicate portions of the budget that will be covered by other funding.

  • The BCHRTF will be giving away almost $19,000, with grants to be awarded up to $8000. Read on the website about projects that have been funded in the past to get to see what amounts have been granted in the past.

Go to the Idaho Community Foundation website to read the guidelines and begin the application process.

Go to Grants by Region, click on North Idaho and then on the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force Fund. Clicking on that will take you to both the guidelines and the application.

If you have questions you can send them to or call 208-290-2732.


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