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Grant Recipients from May 2019

May 2019 Name of Organization and Purpose

Academy of NW Writers & Publishers -Support Fine Arts & Culture event

Bonner Community Food Center -100 walking homeless food kits & socks

Bonner Partners In Care Clinic - Outreach/extra services

First Judicial District - CASA Training 18 CASA Advocates

First Presbyterian Church- Interactive Blanket Exercise

LPO School District & SHS - Support for MUNA

Music Conservatory of SPT - After-school outreach, summer camps, concerts

NAMI Far North - After hours crisis line

Panhandle Community Radio - HR themed film “ RBG”

Panida Theater Committee -

Yr. long international film series - POAC Living Voices, Mar. ‘20

Priest River HS - Interactive discussions to build positive culture

Sandpoint Seniors - Purchase food for Sr or Daybreak Ctr

Sandpoint Friends - Peace Pole in Clark Fork


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