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LLH Program continues...

We ask businesses and community members to commit to welcoming all. We are here to raise community awareness around hate group organizations infiltrating our local area and spreading discriminatory messaging. By educating our business community, and our community at large, about these groups and giving our community the tools needed to report any incidents, we hope to build a culture of inclusivity and safety to strengthen our economy and overall reputation.

LEARN MORE and sign the Declaration by emailing to

We aim to share a message of positivity with the world. We, the undersigned business owners and concerned citizens of Sandpoint, are committed to upholding and protecting the civil and human rights of all individuals regardless of their race, creed, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, national origin or immigration status. In our community we believe in love, unity, and inclusivity. We believe in equity and respect for not only all Idahoans, but all people on this great Earth. The message of hate has no place here. We believe in freedom and liberty but there is no freedom or liberty unless everyone is treated equally. We declare that all are welcome here!


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