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Ready to Vote?

Absentee or in person, it all starts with your registration. Verify your registration, update your informations and confirm if you have requested an absentee ballot at

If you are registered, you can vote absentee, in person absentee, or on Nov 3rd in person.

IF you register by Oct 9:

Absentee: request absentee ballot until Oct 23. You can request in online through or download from the Bonner County web page or get the paper from the County Clerk. Your BALLOT will be mailed to you, be sure to follow the directions so your vote is counted.

If you have already requested an absentee ballot, expect it in the mail after Oct 1st. Follow the directions when you mail it back, and mail it back as soon as you can. You can also deliver it to the Courthouse before Oct 30th.

OR, use in-person (early) voting at the County Clerk's office from Oct 19 to Oct 30

ON NOV 3rd, Election Day-

You can register then vote! Bring a photo id and proof of residence.

If you got an absentee ballot, but did not mail or return in in time, bring your ballot to your voting place. The poll workers can help you void your absentee ballot, and then cast your vote in person.



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