Spring 2019 Grants Announced

Over$18,000 in grants are awarded for the upcoming year. Below, find a brief summary of grantees and their proposals.

Grant Awards—Spring, 2019

Academy of NW Writers &Publishers: Pay for advertising in Bee, Reader, etc., for Shakespeare in the Park and Fine Arts & Culture event

Bonner Community Food Center: 100 walking homeless food kits and socks

Bonner Partners in Care Clinic: Outreach and extra clinics and services

First Judicial District CASA Program: Training 18 CASA Advocates

First Presbyterian Church: Interactive Blanket Exercise for 60-80 local leaders

LPO School District & SHS: Support for MUNA

Music Conservatory or SPT: Expand after-school outreach and summer camps & concerts including Celebration of Arts & Culture

NAMI Far North: Pay clinicians to answer phones after-hrs and weekends/crisis line

Panhandle Community Radio: “Woodstock” to Panida on Aug. 16

Panida Theater Committee: Human Experience series-- year long international film series

POAC: Half cost of Living Voices , March 2020

Priest River HS: Provide relevant, interactive discussion topics to build more positive culture in school

Sandpoint Seniors: Purchase food for Sr or Daybreak Ctr for meals or are homebound seniors

Sandpoint Friends: Add additional languages to Peace Pole and plant new Peace Pole in CF

TOTAL: $18,760.00

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