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The Bonner County Endowment for Human Rights

The grant cycle runs from January to the last day of April every year

Each year, the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force (BCHRTF) seeks to fund projects and programs that support our stated mission: to affirm the American principles and ideas of the inviolable dignity and worth of each human being and recognize that everyone is equal under state and federal laws and constitutions.

The BCHRTF hopes to sponsor programs and projects that enhance human rights, focus on community education, and celebrate the fact that it is the racial, social, and cultural diversity of our people that makes Bonner County a rich and worthwhile place to live.

Grant requests up to $8000 will be considered. The average award is about $2250 per grant recipient Click the links below to 

Learn more, or

download Request for Proposals

or Guideline for Grant Submissions document

The Bonner County Endowment for Human Rights empowers those working to 
strengthen our community.

History of the grant

The Bonner County Human Rights Task Force’s responsibility is to affirm the American principles and ideals of the inviolable dignity and worth of each human being that recognizes that everyone is equal under our state and federal laws and constitutions. BCHRTF was founded in 1992 to support human rights through community education and advocacy.


In 2012 the BCHRTF received a $370,000 bequest from the estate of Dorothy Adler. Recognizing that this gift came with a moral obligation to ensure it be used in a financially responsible manner that would have the greatest impact on the quality of life for Bonner County residents, the board we elected to place the funds in a donor advised fund administered by the Idaho Community Foundation (ICF).


The BCHRTF board of directors recommends distribution of those funds to grantees that develop programs and projects that enhance human rights and celebrate diversity. 

"The Bonner County Endowment gave us the funds we needed to get our project across the finish line. Without it, we wouldn't have been able to fulfill our project goals and reach so many kids."

2021 Grant Recipients

                                             Bonner Community Food Bank

Community Cancer Services

Sandpoint Music Conservatory

Friends of the Shelter – now Better Together Animal Alliance

Panhandle Community Radio

Panida Theater Committee

POAC—Pend Oreille Arts Committee

Priest River Ministries

Project 7B

Sandpoint Waldorf School

Sandpoint Youth Center

Unique Center for Athletes of all Needs

Grant cycle will open in January. All grants are due the last day of April.

2020 Grant Recipients

NAMI Far North -- for North Idaho Crisis Line

Pend Oreille Arts Council-- for Living Voice

Priest River Ministries-- shelter and services for victims of domestic violence

Sandpoint Music Conservatory

Sandpoint Youth Center

Sandpoint High School Model United Nations program


In addition, contributions were made from the Endowment Fund to the following organizations for services they provided as a result of Covid-19:


Bonner Community Food Bank

Bonner General Hospital

Eureka Institute

Sandpoint Resource Center

Priest River Ministries

Grant cycle will open in January. All grants are due the last day of April.

Past Recipients

Academy of NW Writers & Publishers

Pay for advertising in Bee, Reader, etc., for Shakespeare in the Park and Fine Arts & Culture event

Bonner Community Food Center

100 walking homeless food kits and socks

Bonner Partners in Care Clinic

Outreach and extra clinics and services

First Judicial District CASA Program

Training 18 CASA Advocates

First Lutheran Church

for Diversity Workshop put on by youth in the Design for Change program

First Presbyterian Church

Interactive Blanket Exercise for 60-80 local leaders

Idaho Mythweaver

Native Heritage film series


To sponsor a free showing of "RBG" -- the Ruth Bader Ginsberg story

Lake Pend Oreille School District & Sandpoint High School

Support for Model UN program

Music Conservatory of Sandpoint

Expand after-school outreach and summer camps & concerts including Celebration of Arts & Culture

NAMI Far North

Pay clinicians to answer phones after-hrs and weekends/crisis line

Panhandle Community Radio

“Woodstock” to Panida on Aug. 16

Panida Theater Committee

Human Experience series-- year long international film series

Pend Oreille Arts Council

Half cost of Living Voices , March 2020

Priest River High School

Provide relevant, interactive discussion topics to build more positive culture in school

Sandpoint Friends

Add additional languages to Peace Pole and plant new Peace Pole in CF

Sandpoint Seniors

Purchase food for Sr or Daybreak Ctr for meals or are homebound seniors

Sandpoint Waldorf School

curriculum on responsible, respectful use of digital media

Want to apply for the grant?

The grant cycle will open again at the end of January, 2021.

Click below to learn about the application process.

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