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open house

open hearts

February 11th   10am - 1pm
Evans Brothers' Coffee

Join us for our 2nd annual open house to celebrate the kindness, inclusivity, and diversity that makes our community great.

Share a story of kindness! Contribute a quick memory of a time you received an act of kindness that made you feel included. 

show up for kindness, inclusivity, diversity & human rights

Come out and celebrate with us! BCHRTF will be hosting our 2nd annual open house at Evans Brothers' Coffee this February 11th. 


This year's theme will be "Kindness", in honor of National Kindness Month. We're asking our community members to share their stories of a time when they received an act of kindness that made them feel included, accepted, and acknowledged.  We'll be sharing those stories here on our website, and as an art installation that will appear in Evans Brothers for the month of February.

Regardless of whether or not you share a story, come join us! 


Coffee will be flowing, and Evans Brother's signature "Love Blend" will be available, with proceeds benefitting the Task Force. 

See you there!

share an act of kindness
Cup of Coffee

percolate & share

noun: brew
a mixture of events, people, or things which interact to form a more potent whole.


Collectively, we are all working to create the perfect brew, one that inspires us to look beyond our own cup.  


And so we want to know: how has your life been positively impacted as a result of someone's open heart and kindness? And better yet, how will you use that act of kindness to positively pay it forward to another being?


Two frames of thought: share a story about an act of kindness that you have either received or plan to give away.   


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