Conference at Gonzaga

In May, members of the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force attended a 3 day conference about building communities based on love. At the recent Annual meeting, attendees shared their experiences and ideas to promote the BCHRTF mission.


Work together more closely with other human rights groups -- share information and support -- Montana HR Network-

Be aware of Patriot, Wise Use, Anti-Indian, anti-federal, county supremacy; Re-doubt movements, White Nationalism-- their language and ideology

Work more closely with local community groups who share our goals

Long Table -- community event -- random seating-- (750 long table)

Community dialogue-- way to collect feedback, bring different people together

Increase understanding of how to draw line between freedom of expression and hate speech--How to respond to hate speech -- bring in speaker/ workshop?

Education: “Race The Powerful Illusion:” I - The Difference Between Us: II - The Story We Tell; III- The House We Live In -- understand roots of institutionalized racism in America

Response to incidents -- ideas for documenting, reporting

Experiences for tourists -- Ambassadors, Historical Museum-- Chamber, City, Schweitzer -- What would a welcoming community look like?

Have meeting of civic/service groups on this subject

Use music to bring people together with human rights theme-- could be fundraiser

Interfaith panel of women: Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim, Mennonite, Kootenai tribe

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