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Let's Not Fight- Our first entry!

Let’s Not Fight Division serves no one except those who prefer us weakened. We have problems, that is no secret, We are in desperate need of some new moves And there is more than one solution to (insert current crisis here). Common wisdom says the best solutions come when both sides show up at the table Not when those in power close the door and try to have it all their way. Hands down the best solutions come when the needs of all are considered And when all voices are considered equal. The best solutions result from creativity which comes from a meeting of the minds, Not from tearing them down. It also takes energy though closing the door would seem to require less. I am guilty too I have sipped the Kool-Aid, Though today I am imagining a new drink. Thirsting for one, in fact. You have reason to be skeptical. I do not deny your wounds Inflicted by another. I acknowledge, as well, those you wish to defend. But what if Peace IS possible? Don’t we owe it to ourselves to have a different conversation, To put down our weapons Our guns Our pointed fingers Our righteous opinions? We have been told a lie about what’s possible About who the enemy is. I’m not saying it is easy. It may indeed be simpler to point the finger or the gun Than to reach across the divide To face the enemy armed with only an open heart. I have things I want you to know You have things you want me to hear. The answer would seem to be to simply grow louder. It’s all hurting our ears And so much more. They’re more guilty of it than we are Their crimes are worse That might be true But that only gets us more of the same. The same thing we have had for millennia, The definition of insanity. Fighting can seem like the only way. It can feel like a relief To discharge the pent-up rage against (insert current enemy here) There are those who excel at it, who are artful warriors. At some point, though, someone needs to say, “Stop!” Lest we all die by the sword. A noble death for certain But a different outcome is possible in any moment I know this to be true. It only requires one brave choice Well, actually, maybe two. Jody Pignolet


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