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We’re in a make-or-break moment for the future of citizen initiatives in Idaho. Idahoans showed up in record-breaking numbers yesterday to testify against Senate Bill 1110, a bill that would make future grassroots initiatives virtually impossible. We heard powerful testimony against the bill from 23 people. Dozens more signed up but were denied an opportunity to speak. Only 3 testified in favor of the bill. Nonetheless, the Senate State Affairs Committee voted 6-3 to move the bill forward. There’s still a chance this bill is stopped on the Senate floor, and we urge you to email and call your local state senator. But we learned a clear lesson two years ago, the last time the legislature attempted to take away our initiative rights: The only thing that protected our rights was the bold decision of Governor Little to veto the legislature’s bill. So today we’re calling on Governor Little once again to stand up for our Constitution. Will you sign the petition and call on Governor Little to protect our initiative rights?


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