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Questions presented


It has long been an agenda of the Far Right to bring about changes in communities all over thenation by taking control of local offices. This means running for positions like Library, School, Hospital Boards, County Commission, City Council, etc, and using the influence of their officeto promote their ideology.

We continue to see that taking place in our own community.

Currently there are candidates for School Board and for Sandpoint City Council that representvery different ideologies. As a non-profit organization the BCHRTF can not come out in supportof any specific candidate. However! We ARE able to educate the public about their views, so that they can decide for themselves.

We have recently sent out a series of questions to the candidates for the local Lake Pend OreilleSchool Board and the Sandpoint City Council. As we receive responses we will post them on ourwebsite:

We have received replies already from the two competing candidates for School Board.

Please take time to read the questions and their replies on our website. If you read them

carefully, you will be able to discern their views – as much perhaps by what they do not say, aswhat they say.

As soon as we receive responses from the City Council candidates, we will post them aswell.

Sometimes candidates choose not to reply—which also tells us a lot about how they view a long-standing Human Rights organization in the community that represents over 500 members.


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