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Requests for Proposals

The BONNER COUNTY HUMAN RIGHTS TASK FORCE is seeking proposals from community non-profits, and educational and governmental agencies for the development and implementation of projects specific to issues of Human Rights. This can include:

• Eliminating barriers to full community participation to anyone because of socio demographic characteristics such as race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or economic status.

• Providing exposure to cultural diversity to reduce fear that could lead to unwarranted stereotyping or exclusion.

• Addressing causes of bigotry or harassment resulting from misinformation, falsehoods or lack of exposure to cultural diversity.

• Creating safe, inclusive, supportive and respectful environments for youth and other groups needing special support. Do you have ideas about promoting awareness and understanding of Human Rights that will help foster a more inclusive and welcoming community? Do you wish for more equity and less discrimination based

on the labels we give each other and the division that they create?

Read about the Task Force’s mission, goals, and guidelines for our grants at

Grants of up to $8000 will be awarded. Deadline for submitting is April 30, 2021.

* In 2012 the BCHRTF received a $370,000 bequest from the estate of Dorothy Adler. Recognizing that this gift came with a moral obligation to ensure it be used in a financially responsible manner that would have the greatest impact on the quality of life for Bonner County residents—we elected to place the funds with the Idaho Community Foundation.

As a result the TF doesn’t have access to this fund for operating expenses. However, the interest that it earns each year can be made available in the form of grants to eligible community partners to further human rights work and activities.

This year we have approximately $19,000 to award. Our website——

has additional details, including guidelines and directions for applying. If you have ques-

tions, call us at 208.290.2732 or email


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