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Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Searching for something to say to your representatives about the upcoming bills? Short on time, but long on passion? Use these tools to state your case.

These links are passed on to you by BCHRTF.

Defend our libraries : This is a quick Action Alert email: Please use our legislative action tool to email members of the House Education Committee before Monday and let them know how much you love your local library.

SB 1056 hearing has been postponed. More time to tell your representatives what you think about allowing private militias, currently prohibted our State.

Remote testimony is limited to two minutes and it is just fine if you can only do a written submission. You can sign up for remote testimony or written testimony using the link provided on the agenda. Note there are other bills you can comment upon with the the links on the agenda.


Commenting has been turned off.
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