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Write for our lives!

Pending legislation in the Idaho legislature has the potential to drastically increase the spread of COVID-19 in our state, resulting in more debilitating sickness and death. If you oppose limiting the power of our Governor to take action to prevent the spread of this virus, it is time to make your views known to your State legislators.

What follows is just a sample of what you might want to say:

Dear Senators and Representatives:

In the midst of the most critical health crisis in over 100 years in the United States as well as on every continent on the globe, in Idaho, efforts are being directed toward actions that would further endanger the lives of citizens of this state.

Several bills are being considered in the Idaho Legislature that would limit the power of our Governor to take necessary actions to help protect and save the lives of people in Idaho. These bills would hamper the ability of the Governor to act to limit the scope and spread of the virus, they would also result in the loss of funding from the Federal government that is necessary for medical equipment and the COVID-19 vaccine and its distribution.

Such legislative actions would undoubtedly precipitate the early death of Idahoans that could be avoided. Already Idaho is near the bottom of the states per capita in receiving much needed funding from the Federal government. If these bills are passed, Governor Little would become the only governor in America to be so restricted.

Please act to prevent such tragedy from happening!

Send your letters to:

Heather Scott:


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