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5 Copies for my Mother!*

Amy Spitalnick

Executive Director, Integrity First for America sent this to our directior:

Dear Sharon,

I wanted to make sure you saw Rolling Stone’s incredible new feature on our Charlottesville lawsuit.

The story profiles the plaintiffs, explores our legal strategy, and assesses the financial toll the case has already had on the white supremacists and hate groups that orchestrated the Charlottesville attack.

I hope you’ll set aside a few minutes to read it and take some pride in the strong case you’ve helped us build these last four years.

And of course, I hope you’ll share it with your networks -- you can find sample posts on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts -- to help spread awareness of our lawsuit and continued fundraising needs for security ahead of trial.

*Lyric from the song "Cover of the Rolling Stone" by Dr Hook and the Medicine Show, Sloppy Seconds album, 1972


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