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Contest begins...

The Bonner County Human Rights Task Force is sponsoring a contest, inviting members of the community to join with us to re-think and re-design our logo in preparation for our 30th anniversary in 2022.

We’d like the help of community members in thinking about what human rights means to them, and how to symbolize that in a simple and understandable way. We are offering a prize of $500 for the selected design—plus recognition in our publications.

Our current logo is nearly as old as the organization, founded in 1992. It incorporates the words “Bonner County Human Rights Task Force,” and shows members of the community joining hands and standing together for human rights. It symbolizes unity, tolerance, equity, and fairness for all. It is also a design that can be easily printed in one color for our brochures, letterhead, and communications.

Thinking of what a new logo design might incorporate, we might include elements that represent the beautiful natural setting that attracted many of us and that inspire us to make this community our home. We might illustrate the need to reach across ideological divides to come together around shared values. Most of us would also prioritize creating a community in which all of us feel safe and in which our children can grow up and thrive.

Please visit our website——for details about entering the contest, and be sure to submit your ideas by April 20. Ask your friends to submit their ideas too. The more people involved in this effort, the better our logo will represent the community. Best of luck!


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