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From the US Holocaust Memorial Museum

As Russia’s horrific assault on Ukraine continues, we at the Museum are inspired by the resistance and resilience of the Ukrainian people. For the past three decades, since the fall of the Soviet Union, the Museum has been hard at work with partners in Ukraine collecting eyewitness testimony, supporting the work of scholars, and digitizing archives. Given the perversion of historical truth to justify this invasion, we share stories below that illuminate the history of Ukraine and its people during the Holocaust.

How the War in Ukraine Is Shaped by Its Past Watch expert discussion >>

A Ukrainian Jewish Lens on World War II and the Holocaust Learn about Soviet photographer >>

During a Visit to His Hometown, Holocaust Survivor Hopes for Education Read about his trip >>

Witness Describes the “Grim” Deportation of Jews from Lvov Watch his testimony >>

Uncovering Mass Graves in Ukraine—While There Was Still Time Listen to interview >>

During Brutal Occupation, Nazis Seized Ukrainians for Forced Labor A letter bears witness >>

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