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Here is a petition that people could sign regarding the Library bill:

Concerned Idaho citizens who support libraries have built a petition using Fight for the First to let legislators know that we oppose HB139. Please sign and share with your networks! If you have not read HB139 yet, you can do that here. This bill is more harmful than last year's HB 666, as it outwardly names homosexualty as inappropriate. A hearing for this bill can happen any day and this petition needs to move FAST!

DON’T BE FOOLED!! Legalizing Unregulated Militias is now part of SB 1056 The BCHRTF sent out an alert regarding Senate Bill 1007, which would legalize unregulated militias by repealing Idaho statute 46-802, Section One which states: No body of men, other than the regularly organized national guard, the unorganized militias when called into service of the state, or of the United States, and except such as are regularly recognized and provided for by the laws of the state of Idaho and of the United States, shall associate themselves together as a military company or organization or parade in public with firearms in any other city or town of the state. On February 7, Senator Daniel Foreman, who introduced SB 1007, introduced SB 1056. This bill ALSO repeals the section of Idaho law, 46- 802, quoted above. In addition, it makes some minor changes to sections two and three of that law. But essentially—this new bill does the same thing as SB 1007—it repeals the section that states that no body of men except for those called into service…shall associate themselves as a military company or parade in public with firearms.


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