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NOW more than ever...

Several members of the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force receive the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum newsletter. The entire newsletter is so packed with stories and news it is impossible to entirely post in our blog.

Here is a sample:

This year, the Museum recorded me telling the story of what happened after I survived a mountaintop massacre of Jews in Slovakia on a cold, bleak day in October 1944. I remember looking down at my mother and my three-year-old sister, Gita, lying lifeless on the ground, as the Nazi bomber planes swarmed overhead.

My account of that day serves as a warning about the deadly consequences of unchecked antisemitism and hate. Today, more than ever, the Museum urgently needs your support to continue its work sharing the lessons of the Holocaust and preserving the memory of its six million Jewish victims, as well as millions of others.

There is more to Gideon Frieder's essay that he made for the Museum this year. Won't you subscribe to the free newsletter to read his work, and so many others we need to remember?

Visit their web site

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