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Special from NAMI

NAMI Ask the Expert Presents:

An Evidence-Based Conversation on Violence and Mental Illness

January 18, 2024, at 4:00 – 5:30 PM Eastern Time

Join us and guest speaker, Eric Elbogen, Ph.D., for the first Ask the Expert of the year as we discuss and empower you with facts about the relationship between violence and mental illness.

  • Learn how social stigma and cognitive biases fuel false beliefs about mental illness and violence.

  • Discover evidence-based research that demonstrates why the scientific link between violence and mental illness is weaker than commonly believed.

  • Gain insight into how over-emphasizing mental illness as a risk factor can overshadow more pressing issues like poverty, substance abuse and lack of empathy.

  • Explore promising approaches and interventions that can truly prevent violence and create a safer society for everyone.

Photo of ERic Elbogen, PH D

Our Guest Expert

Eric Elbogen, Ph.D.,

Professor of Psychiatry

Duke University


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