"​ Let us rise up tonight with a greater readiness.

  Let us stand with a greater determination.

  And let us move on in these powerful days,

  these days of challenge, to make America

  what it ought to be.

We have the opportunity to make America a better nation."


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "I've Been to the Mountaintop."

Promoting tolerance & supporting human dignity in Bonner County since 1992.

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We oppose discrimination, segregation, intimidation, harassment, physical harm, or the denial of equal protection in any form based upon race, color, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. // We promote interracial and intercultural understanding; we promote racial and ethnic harmony. //  We encourage parents and educators to teach fairness, justice, and equality; we encourage everyone to live these ideals.

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Bonner County Human Rights Task Force

Promoting tolerance, supporting human dignity, and educating adults and youth across Bonner County since 1992.

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