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Sandpoint Pride 2024

Dear Sandpoint Pride Community,

We are proud to announce the 2024 Sandpoint Pride theme.

Sandpoint Pride aspires to offer ongoing opportunities to queer/trans community and allies that will empower us, help each other develop our gifts, potential, and insights gained from lived experience to the benefit of the entire community. Opportunities to practice sharing an intersectional narrative woven from our individual stories that brings out our shared humanity into a clearer light. When we collaborate together to constructively engage with other people the relief of participation is profound, healing, and joy-filled.

And as we continue on the path towards equality, justice, and liberation, our voices must be heard louder than ever. Every vote cast is a declaration of our existence, resilience, and unyielding demand for recognition and respect. In the practice of democracy, each ballot is a step towards a more inclusive future where every color of the rainbow is celebrated, where love knows no bounds, and where our identities are embraced without fear or discrimination.

As the powers in high places have done everything throughout history to silence our voices, we have risen up to meet them with our loud cries, and this year is no exception.

Our Queer Spirit is a force of nature, a testament to the beauty of diversity.

Together, we can create a world absent of injustice where every person can live authentically, without apology or compromise. Let us rise up, show up, and make our voices count. Allow your Queer Spirit to guide you, for it is not just a civic duty, but a sacred act of resistance and love. Let us paint the polls with the colors of pride and diversity. As Sandpoint Pride, we believe in the right for everyone, no matter their gender identity, sexuality, ability, race, or ethnicity to have their voices heard!

If you have questions, please send me an email at

Thanks again for your continued support,

Andrea Marcoccio, Chair & the entire Sandpoint Pride Festival Planning Committee

Want to do more?

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