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Ukraine Relief Coalition

This letter was sent to our President. Perhaps it is just the way for you to help.

Dear friends,

It has been one month since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war and the first attacks rang out on the capital city of Kyiv and eastern and southern Ukraine. Since then, thousands of Ukrainian civilians have lost their lives, and millions more have been displaced or forced to flee their homes. As Ukrainian cities have come under siege, families are compelled to spend their days sheltering in the basements of homes and churcheswhere lack of heating and damp living conditions frequently result in illness. In many cities across Ukraine, there is a lack of electricity, water and food supply, and access to necessary medicine. Volunteers risk their lives helping civilians evacuate and deliver lifesaving supplies.

As members of the Christian community living within the United States, we are uniquely

positioned to provide aid for those in need. James 2:15-16 says: “If a brother or sister is without clothing and in need of daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and be filled,” and yet you do not give them what is necessary for their body, what use is that?” Right now, our Ukrainian brothers and sisters not only need our prayers, but our direct action.

The Ukraine Relief Coalition team is made up of members from various Slavic and American churches and organizations in Spokane.

The goal of U.R.C. is twofold.

First, we are working hard to collect humanitarian aid and supplies to directly ship to our Ukrainian partners on the ground. Our focus is to collaborate with teams and organizations who will deliver shipments to “hot zones” in Ukraine that otherwise may be overlooked. Second, we are establishing a network of local churches, business owners, and government representatives to support incoming refugee families with housing, employment, schooling for children, and more.

Here are the concrete steps we are asking our church partners to take to support our efforts:

● Designate a Church Representative who would work directly with U.R.C. to keep their

respective church updated on current needs.

● “Adopt a Family” (see attached letter).

● Roles and Responsibilities of Church Representative. The Representative should:

1. Have strong communication and resourcefulness qualities. It is helpful

(although not necessary), for this individual to be well-connected within the


2. Maintain consistent communication with U.R.C. members regarding pressing

needs. Report back to U.R.C. contact at least once per week, or as needed.

U.R.C. contact: Mariya Kovalyov (509) 847-9109.

3. Oversee the “Adopt a Family” initiative of their respective church.

4. Discover and be aware of the specific needs of the refugee family such as:

housing, documentation requirements, clothing for children, possible disabilities,

furnishing requirements, transportation, etc. (To adopt a family please contact:

Mariya Kovalyov at (509) 847-9109)

5. AVOID finding housing, providing tours of the city, taking families grocery

shopping or to cultural experiences, or helping families fill out government

documents. Instead, the Church Representative should delegate tasks and find

volunteers in their respective church to welcome the family and help them

acclimate to their new home. The Church Representative should be aware of the

needs of the family and then find church members who will meet those needs, as

opposed to doing it all themselves.

6. Oversee the allocation and distribution of church finances in the areas of

rent, utilities, phone, internet, translation, etc for the refugee family (see “Adopt a

Family”) below.

We are so grateful for the support and generosity we have received from our church partners,

local organizations, and individuals desiring to send aid and support to Ukrainian families.

We ask for your continued prayers for the restoration of peace and an end to war, as well as

wisdom for our team. We are looking forward to partnering with you!

If you or your church members would like to donate to a trusted source, Pacific Keep Church

has set up a specific Ukraine relief fund. Donations will go toward humanitarian aid including

food, water, and medical supplies, shelter for refugee families, and shipping and packing costs.

Donate Here:

Kind Regards U.R.C:

Boris Borisov

Roman Oberemok

Mark Drovorub

Daniel & Mariya Kovalyov

Anna Bondarenko

Tanya Wann

Alona Petru

Violet Tsyukalo

Adopt a Family

What is Humanitarian Parolee

A grant of humanitarian parole allows foreign residents to travel to the U.S. in the case of an

emergency or based on public interest reasons. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

(USCIS) allows certain foreign nationals who do not have a visa to receive an alternative known as humanitarian parole.

We ask that you as a church take responsibility for providing financial assistance for the next six months.

● Help subsidize payments for:

○ Rent

○ Utilities

○ Phone

○ Internet

○ Translations

○ Transportation

○ Legal immigration fees

Humanitarian refugees will also need your assistance in:

● Finding rent

● Help in purchasing a car

● Arranging for children to be enroll in school

● Helping with medical appointments/needs

● Enrolling in English language courses

● Addressing other request/needs

To adopt a family please contact: Mariya Kovalyov (509) 847-9109


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