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Updated: Jul 3, 2023

This information is from Jean Gerth, who has been closely tracking this bill. Thanks to all who have responded to DO SOMETHING!

The militia bill unbelievable but true Jean Gerth

If you haven’t been tracking the militia bill S 1056, here it is in a nutshell. They want to repeal a section of law that prohibits private militias. This is the section they want to repeal: “No body of men, [other than those regulated by state or national law] shall associate themselves together as a military company or organization, or parade in public with firearms in any city or town of this state.” italics are my words. Read more in the Capital Sun, Idaho Reports The bill was passed by the Senate and has been assigned to the House Transportation and Defense Committee (they aren’t as busy as State Affairs, where you would expect it to be heard). NOW: You can start writing to committee members now - click here for instructions and all email addresses. Rep Sage Dixon (leg district 1) is on this committee. SOON: I’ll send out an alert when bill is scheduled to be heard by committee. (You can monitor for the date by checking agendas daily.) Hopefully the Committee will hold a public hearing and you can sign up to submit testimony. Testimony is publicly recorded and can help give cover to Gov. Little to veto the bill (as in all likelihood it will pass the House). If you don’t want to testify in person or by Zoom, you can submit written testimony at the time of hearing. Thank you for reading BonnerAlerts. This post is public so feel free to share it. Share


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